Map Pack Review: Easter Island

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Easter Island is a map currently available from the Minecraft Marketplace, made by Blockworks.


There is not much to the resource pack included with the map, the resource pack mostly changes mob models with very few item and block textures changed.

The pack is clean and minimal with no default textures left in, the language file has no default values left in it, containing only texts that are changed.

Unfortuantely the same can’t be said for the sound definitions, as most of the default sound definitions have been left in the ‘sound_definitions.json’, this isn’t needed.
Although you don’t even a ‘sound_definitions.json’ when simply replacing existing sounds, it may be worth keeping the sounds that are changed defined in the json file, as this will stop other resoure packs from redefining the sounds that are being replaced in the map.
Removing definitions from the file that aren’t changed will hep reduce the size of the resource pack.

One more problem with the sound is the music, by default Minecraft has several tracks that can play randomly when music starts, instead of replacing all these tracks with the same file, you can redefine the music in ‘sound_definitions.json’ to only use a single track.
You can also have several events call the same file, currently there is 22 files that are all the same, by redefining the music in ‘sound_definitions.json’ you can drop ~53mb from the resource pack alone.

The ‘mobs.json’ is minimal, with no mobs being included that haven’t changed.
Minor json problems:
“mirror”: false – ‘mirror’ defaults to false, the only time you need to include ‘mirror’ is to set it to true.
“name”: “…” – There is no reason to have the name attribute on individual cubes, this simply increases the size of the file.
#.0 – The use of .0 isn’t needed, 6.0 is the same as 6, having a .0 on the end drastically increases the size of the file.
scientific notation – This includes numbers such as ‘-8.29696655E-05’, Minecraft will not render models to this degree of accuracy, this can actually be cut down to ‘-8.3’

Although these problems don’t affect how the models work, after I removed these from the file the size of the file was just over half the initial size.

The models themselves are awful, with entities such as the cow having 4116 elements and the skeleton using 3305 elements. This is horrendous, the models themselves should not have this many elements, other models have 139, 171, 191 elements, and the more reasonable models have roughly between 10 – 30 elements, even then these models could be optimised further.


cow - fox
4116 elements

Along with this most textures for the entity models are not optimised either, as they include massive amounts of blank space, textures should not include a massive area of blank space, it serves no purpose, other than making the file bigger.

fox texture