Map Pack Reviews

What are map pack reviews?

Map pack reviews are reviews of resourcepacks packaged with custom Minecraft maps, focussing primarily on the optimisation of block models and structure of the resourcepack, rather than reviewing the aesthetic and design of block models and textures.

Why review resourcepacks packed with maps?

Packing resourcepacks with custom Minecraft maps was added in 1.8, since then adding custom models and textures to Minecraft maps has never been easier, but how resources in the resourcepack are created and how the files are structured can often be overlooked, this is where map pack reviews comes in.

It’s intended to show not only where maps go wrong, but also where they do good things as well, hopefully not only will the creators of the maps being reviewed will learn a bit about resourcepacks but hopefully other map makers and hopefull map makers will learn a bit too.

How are the reviews scored?

They aren’t. There isn’t a scoring system per map, that’s not what the reviews are made for, they are designed to offer advice and guidelines for what to do when making resourcepacks for custom Minecraft maps.

Map pack reviews:

Impossible Getaway – By MrGaretto

Infinity Dungeon Ex – By Jigarbov

Easter Island – By Blockworks